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Let me first say thank you for visiting this website. Irrespective of whether you are a DBT professional or DBT participant, I invite you to partner with me by helping me keep this website up and running. As you can see, everything  offered on this website is given freely to whoever visits it.

If you would be generous enough to donate $20 or more, I will send you a CD of the information on this website in common software formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader. The CD also contains bonus documents and a
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More About Me and The Site
In 2005, I became disabled due to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from a combination of past domestic abuse and a serious fall. Since then, I do my best to keep up, but Iím more limited by funds and energy. Thatís why any help you can provide to deal with the rising costs of bandwidth, anti-virus, etc. go a long way!

Please note that I donít make money from advertising on this site. My reason for so doing can be found in the
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This site serves about 20,000 individuals every month. DBT centers worldwide depend on the site to inform their clients. I receive many emails from people telling me how much the website has helped them to cope with their daily lives and even a few who tell me the site saved their life. Your donation makes a difference in the lives of many suffering from BPD as well improving life skills for others.

Again, thank you for visiting this website, and I thank you in advance for your generous support. Know that YOU are the one who makes the difference!

Peace to you,
Lisa Dietz

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