Financial Depression

Iím getting into a financial rut and itís making me so depressed. I avoid letters and bills. I donít know why. Has this ever happened to you?

I know what you mean about depression with money. Many, many years ago (the 80's), I was in an abusive situation and money was always a severe problem to the point of having to beg on the streets. For years and years since, I've gone through hell around money -- avoiding matters (thus making it worse) and sweating every month just around paying the bills. After doing this for nearly 10 years (I don't always catch on quickly), I finally realized that financial issues are a trigger for me.

I can forgive myself for it in that I can look back and say there's a very good reason for the trigger. But I also have to say that the response I now have about money is not appropriate to my current situation. So every month when it comes time to pay the bills, I acknowledge the trigger and don't try to hide from the emotion. I just let it sweep over me and then pass on. I can't keep myself from feeling the fear, but I can control how I react to it.

On financial issues that are more triggering than paying bills, I might even have to let myself imagine the fear -- I could lose so much that I'll be on the streets begging again. And then I say, okay, well, I've been there and I survived, so I'll survive this too and really, it's pretty unlikely that this situation is going to be THAT bad.

- Lisa

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