Flash Cards

During one of my DBT groups, we used the following flash cards as helpful reminders to keep track of using our skills. I often used them as bookmarks, taped them to my bathroom mirror or later, laminated them punched a hole on the top left and kept them together with a binder ring to take with me everwhere. You can use them however way works you.

Click the links to access flash cards for each DBT module.
You have two choices for printing the cards:
  You can print the card graphic, cut each one out and paste or tape the appropriate matching cards back to back.
  You can click on the download link and save the document to your computer hard drive. Print the front page files. Turn the page over according to your printer instructions, then print the back page files. They should match up so that you can cut each one out. For longer lasting cards, use heavier paper like index paper.

Mindfulness Flash Cards

Distress Tolerance Flash Cards

Emotion Regulation Flash Cards

Interpersonal Effectiveness Flash Cards

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