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The Search for Wise Mind

They say Wise Mind is the intersection between Emotion Mind and Reason Mind. I am always in Reason Mind. I feel numb and emotionless. How will I ever get to Wise Mind?

I also tend more toward reason mind than emotion mind and I tend to find it harder to be in touch with my emotions. As a result, when the emotions do come, they often seem overwhelming because I'm not accustomed to recognizing them, naming them or dealing with them.

The way that I have had some success in being more in touch with the emotions is to try to be aware of when I am avoiding my emotions. I get a sense of panic about the possibility that I might feel and I observe myself intellectually running from the mere thought of experiencing an emotion.

When I see that I'm avoiding, I try to breath, relax, and let go. I tell myself that it's okay to feel. It won't kill me or even hurt me, although it might be uncomfortable.

I still struggle with emotions but this does help when I remember to do it.


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