New Page: DBT Courses for Providers


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We recently added a new page we’d like to draw your attention to: DBT for Providers!

We know providers as well as clients come to our site to learn DBT skills and we are happy to provide that free information to all. Now we have an additional feature for mental health providers: a page full of courses and opportunities to advance your DBT learning – and get continued education credits!

So far our Providers page has a handful of options from Pesi, with whom we are an affiliate. That means that if you use our link, you get a discount on the courses and we make a small commission if you purchase. This is part of our ongoing effort to cover the costs of running our free site.

You can find the page with these links in the menu at the top of every one of our pages. The tab is titled ‘For Providers.’

Keep your eye on this page for new opportunities which will be posted as they become available.

See you in class!

The DBTSelfHelp.Com Team

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