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Wise Mind

Synthesis of Emotion Mind and Reasonable Mind
Allows for intuition
Find it in your belly, the center of your head, or by following your breath

The “What” Skills



Just notice
Have a teflon mind- let thoughts and feelings slide off you instead of sticking
Watch your thoughts and emotions come and go
Refocus your attention when it wanders


Put words to what you are feeling and thinking
Do not attach judgmental words such as “good” or “bad”


Let yourself be fully in the moment, fully in the task or activity you are performing
As your attention wanders, direct it back to what you’re doing

The “How” Skills



Be in the moment
Be fully in the present, not thinking about the past or future
Do everything with focus and intention


Be aware of your thoughts/feelings but don’t evaluate
Sort opinions from facts
Accept each moment as it comes
Acknowledge what is helpful and what is harmful but do not judge
Don’t judge your judging!


Do what needs to be done
Act skillfully within the given situation
Keep an eye on your objectives
Do what is necessary
Let go of useless anger, vengeance, righteousness


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